AGA Hamilton-Norwood type VI, before and after a hair transplant

We continue to give life to our section of hair transplant cases . We bring you the case of a  38-year-old man  with   no allergies to medications or any relevant pathological history. She comes to our  hair clinic  for a relatively rapid loss of hair from the age of 20, reaching the current pattern around the age of 35. 

In the diagnostic consultation, we observed a very marked inheritance of alopecia in his entire family, both by father and mother. He has never performed other types of  hair loss treatments .

What is our proposal?  Given the extension of the area to be covered, we propose several sessions of Hair Autotransplantation . We would redesign a 1st high line with wide entrances and density would be filled at the previous level. In later sessions, the idea will be to gain density and also extension towards the upper area.

What do we do? A hair transplant surgery where we transplanted a total of 4,620 follicular units in 3 sessions of Hair Autotransplantation over the course of several years.

We also suggest starting topical lotion of   Minoxidil  5% and Finasteride 1 mg as maintenance medical treatments after transplantation.

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