I certainly don’t think this hair supplement is the ultimate solution to resolving baldness and I certainly wo n’t stop the drug therapies I’m following.

However, it has serious studies at the base and acts by attacking baldness from a different point of view compared to finasteride and minoxidil, and this in a perspective of the attack on several fronts can only help given that the multifactoriality of this pathology.

What I hope is an improvement in the general quality of the hair and, why not, see if anything moves at the level of the temples where I still have miniaturized hair and vellus.

This page  does not want to be an advertisement for the product , but rather, since I am testing it, for those who are doubtful it will be enough to simply wait 90 days and read the article dedicated to the test complete with photos that I will publish. So if it works and I get results you can evaluate the purchase through the appropriate channels, otherwise you will avoid buying it and you will not have to spend a cent .

Applemets Hair is a hair supplement falling within the category of nutraceuticals, that is, those nutritional principles present in nature in certain foods and capable of having positive effects on health . It has been on the market since September 2017 and, in simple terms, aims to obtain optimal hair growth by inducing the anagen phase and favoring the increase in diameter thanks to a greater production of keratin.

Usually I don’t get excited about every hair product that comes out, but at the base of Applemets Hair there is a very recent  study 1) published in the Journal of Medicinal Food by the Department of Pharmacy of the Federico II University of Naples which lasted 5 years and with tests both in vitro and on humans on 250 healthy people with moderate alopecia  randomized double-blind with the creation of a control group and a placebo group. The results, which we will see in the course of the article, have been decidedly encouraging.

Annurca apple for the hair

The active ingredient at the base of Applemets Hair is a dry extract deriving from the Annurca Campana PGI Apple variety particularly rich in oligomeric procyanidins , a particular type of natural polyphenols that belong to the broadest class of bioflavonoids .

Specifically, procyanidin B2 has proven to be the most effective and safe variant in promoting hair growth both in vitro and in humans.

It also contains biotin, zinc and selenium elements known for their positive impact on scalp and hair health.


Here is the nutritional table for 1 capsule of 600mg:

  • Melannurca Campana PGI (Malus pumila Miller cultivar Annurca) dry procyanidin extract 400 mg
  • Zinc 10 mg
  • Selenium 55 mcg
  • Biotin 0.05mg

Ingredients: Melannurca (Malus pumila Miller cultivar Annurca) ES fruit procyanidin microencapsulated in maltodextrin, capsule in food gelatin, Zinc Acetate; anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide; Biotin, Selenium methionine.

Dosages and methods of intake

The package shows a recommended dosage of 1 capsule per day away from meals, however in the study carried out by the university and in the small trial currently underway that sees 17 users of the ieson forum (see dedicated paragraph) the dosage used is 2 capsules per day .

In fact, since it is a supplement, these are ministerial guidelines

If you are afraid that too many polyphenols are harmful, it should be noted that at the trial dose of 2 capsules per day we are less than half the maximum limit established by the ministry.

The same thing can be said about taking it away from meals since, being the gastoresistant capsule, the active ingredient is in any case absorbed in the intestine, so the moment of intake is not actually a big constraint .

For reasons of optimizing absorption during the day, it is better to space the intake of the 2 capsules by at least 6 hours.

But what if I eat apples directly instead?

The doubt is legitimate because, if the main active ingredient is the dry extract of procyanidins of the annurca apple , the idea could come to take the food directly.

Certainly enjoying this particular variety of apple is a good thing, but 2 must be done on the following points:

  • Quantity: one tablet contains 400 mg of procyanidin extract equal to that contained in 3 apples per tablet (of the Annurca variety which is particularly rich in it). So the study subjects, whose intake is 2 capsules a day, would have to eat the equivalent of 6 apples a day for 2 months … definitely uncomfortable I would say.
  • Procyanidin assimilation takes place in the intestine: the formulation provides that the dry extract of annurca apple is encapsulated in maltodextrin and in turn contained in gastro-resistant capsules . This allows the active ingredient to reach the intestine, allowing optimal absorption to ensure the effect. It should be noted that the manufacturing company must scrupulously adhere to the protocol provided by the University which exclusively provides for the use of Annurca apples from the Melannurca Campana PGI Protection Consortium , as a guarantee that the AppleMets product on the market has a certified formulation. and which corresponds perfectly to the one used in the study.

Why Mela annurca Campana PGI and not other varieties?

The reason is given by the fact that this apple variety has a concentration of polyphenols about 4 times higher than other types such as Golden delicious, Granny Smith or Fuji.

This can be explained by the ripening method of the annurca apple which takes place on the ground and therefore requires more antioxidant substances to protect itself from parasites.

Furthermore, in order to obtain the PGI qualification, they are subjected to rigorous controls by the Melannurca Campana PGI Protection Consortium and therefore the fruits must basically respect certain characteristics.

How does Applemets Hair work?

Personally I am mainly interested in the effects that this nutraceutical can have in countering androgenetic alopecia and I think it is the same thing for most of the readers of this site. So to better understand how Applemets Hair works, it is good to know the two “key” steps, discovered in this Japanese study 2) from 2004, which cause the progressive miniaturization of the hair , that is, the induction of the mechanism of premature entry into catagen with consequent shortening of subsequent hair cycles .

  • At the beginning of the process, DHT stimulates the synthesis of transforming growth factor-beta2 (TGF-beta2) in the cells of the dermal papilla.
  • The TGF-beta2 suppresses the proliferation of epithelial cells and stimulates the synthesis of enzymes called caspases which are the basis of reactions that begin and carry to completion the response programmed cell death and consequently the epithelial cells are eliminated.

Well, the active ingredient of AppleMets, procyanidin B2 and similar oligomeric, trying to simplify, would counteract the action of the factors TGF beta-1 and TGF beta-2 which lead to the death of epithelial cells (apoptosis) at the level of the hair follicles, prolonging the anagen phase versus the catagen phase.

This action of procyanidins was demonstrated by the Japanese study 3) by doctor Kamimura published in 2006 in the scientific journal Skin pharmacology and physiology

Furthermore, the in vitro tests of the Federico II University of Naples, in the study already mentioned at the beginning of the article, would demonstrate the ability of AppleMets to stimulate the synthesis of keratin in its various isoforms in keratinocytes .

As you can see by reading the studies, the Japanese ones are based on the use of topical products and are the reference for the Federico II University study which involves the use of a product to be taken orally and therefore systemically.

Amazing results 

The data of the study are really very optimistic with percentages of increase of about 100% in the hair count per cm2 of skin and about 30% in hair weight thanks to the higher keratin content. All in 60 days … stuff to even fear the growth of extra hair in other parts of the body. Instead, in vitro data show that keratinocyte cell lines treated with AppleMets extract express keratin isoforms, typical exclusively of hair and nails . However, none of the subjects recruited into the trial showed signs of hirsutism.

If the results were of such magnitude there would be a miracle to be shouted as these are numbers that dwarf even those obtainable from classic treatments with drug-based therapies.

Test on the Ieson Forum

On the other hand, it is necessary to always and in any case remain with your feet firmly planted on the ground and not get caught up in easy enthusiasm . Personally I decided to participate in the test organized by the important national forum of given that however behind this project there is a renowned university faculty and the researchers are extremely helpful.

The test includes 17 users, including myself, who were provided with enough product to be able to perform 90 days of treatment at 2 tablets per day. All for free.

In addition, a doctor of the department is always available in the forum to answer users’ doubts and questions. Monthly all testers will have to update with photos and write their impressions in the discussion linked above.

If you are interested in how my test is doing, you can take a look at the article Applemets Hair: Test Results .


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