Finasteride, in which areas does it act to stop alopecia?

he Finasteride is one of the treatments most common drug for hair loss but can not prescribe for all types of alopecia . Therefore, a proper diagnosis by the doctor is necessary to know the origin of hair loss and its current state.

What is Finasteride?

This medicine , which is presented in tablet form , is based on the active principle ‘finasteride’, which works by blocking one of the receptors for 5-alpha reductase , which inhibits a derivative of testosterone that initiates and maintains the alopecic process .

The Finasteride is only effective in patients suffering from hair loss, mild to moderate, especially in the central area and the crown . This is one of the most common regions of hair loss in many people and which also tends to cause complexes and self-esteem problems.

Alopecia Drug Combination: Finasteride and Minoxidil

However, the vast majority of patients suffer from alopecia in the frontal region or in the entrances, where finasteride has no action. Therefore, to achieve better results, it is necessary to resort to a combination with other drugs.

Thus, the most common is that the doctor prescribes a treatment of several drugs to prevent falling hair, such as the taking Finasteride combined tablets with solutions of Minoxidil to address all areas in which they want to recover hair .

Side effects of Finasteride

It should be noted that like all medications, Finasteride can have side effects in some cases (between 1% to 3%) such as swelling of the lips, face or tongue, some type of allergy as well as problems of a sexual nature such as decrease libido or difficulty getting an erection.

However, these symptoms disappear the moment treatment is stopped .

When alopecia is more advanced and it is no longer possible to recover hair with these drugs, the patient can resort to hair grafting in Madrid .

In this sense, it is necessary for the surgeon to carry out a personalized preliminary study to analyze the causes of alopecia, rule out other pathologies of the scalp and assess the donor area , in order to guarantee the success of the procedure.


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