Hair transplant surgery with FUE Technique is the most demanded hair transplant in our hair clinic in Barcelona. Hair transplant with the FUE technique is, currently, the most advanced hair transplant to treat baldness and alopecia both in men and women.

Hair transplant with the FUE technique is a systematic and artistic redistribution of the hair follicles, which consists of the introduction of small scalp grafts that contain the above-mentioned “follicular units” (groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair follicles, etc. as they naturally are).

Hair transplant surgery with FUE in BarcelonaThese grafts are acquired with local anaesthesia from the rear and/or lateral area of the scalp (which we call the donor areas) and, after being thoroughly prepared under a microscope, they are carefully introduced with micro-incisions onto the bald areas or areas with little hair which would eventually become bald (in other words, the receiving areas).

After acquiring the hair grafts from the rear and lateral parts of the head which are genetically programmed to grow throughout the lifetime by having hormonal receptors that do not get affected by enzymatic hyperactivity, it is ensured that they do not fall and that they continue to grow normally once they have been inserted onto other areas.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction or “the individual extraction of follicles) Technique is regarded as the most advanced hair transplant technique there is.


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