Is Toppik bad for your hair?

Among the questions that are often asked in specific forums, or simply by searching on google for the word toppik, will you have noticed that the phrase Toppik is bad for your hair is very recurrent But the question could be extended to all hair -based powders on keratin microfibers . It is not uncommon for people to say with absolute certainty that they have really gotten worse because of these cosmetic powders.

But then upon request for photos documenting the thing you receive … NOTHING and so on the net you will find a multitude of these absolutely undocumented proclamations that do nothing but create fears and doubts in those who appear for the first time in the world of hair concealers.

In addition to not documenting their statements with photos , practically all the characters I dealt with were not consistent even with the application of microfibers. abandoning them and, as often happens, they are inexorably swept into thin air.

In this article I talk about Toppik as it is the most famous product of its kind and of undoubted quality (if purchased original), but what you will read below can be considered valid for all quality fibers such as Infultus Fiber  or Kmax  equally valid.

Are keratin microfibers bad for your hair?

If you have read any articles on this blog, you will have understood that I like to document what I write, whether they are studies or first-hand experiences. In the case of microfibers I can speak with knowledge of the facts since I have been using them for about 2 years in total. One year when I had not yet started therapy and the remaining period during treatment.

Then fortunately the treatments gave results and I no longer needed them, but in that period the microfibers were an excellent ally … although applying Toppik and Minoxidil required a certain commitment.

Well, it is clear that the daily application of Toppik microfibers did not harm my hair and neither did it worsen my androgenetic alopecia.
On the contrary, I am of the opinion that if Toppik really did harm to the health of the hair I would not even have been able to improve.

What is this theory based on?

The supporters of this thesis base their theory on the fact that the microfibers would be so small as to “suffocate” the hair bulb, preventing proper oxygenation. However, they do not consider the fact that in reality the hair bulb does not “breathe” as all the nutrients including oxygen are supplied through the bloodstream.

So there are no logical and scientifically proven reasons why Toppik could hurt your hair by worsening an existing androgenic alopecia.

Toppik contraindications or allergies

The only problem that could occur could possibly be some skin irritation due to intolerances or allergies to the keratin itself or especially to excipients and dyes. used to obtain the desired shades. The problem in this case, however, are the irritations which, if not treated, could degenerate into dermatitis which certainly do not benefit the health of the hair.

However, this is an eventuality that does not occur frequently and is mainly linked to purchases of poor quality microfibers produced by unknown companies. Therefore, nothing to do with bulbs that “suffocate” due to the microfibres.

It happened to me too!

By this I certainly do not mean that those who support the thesis according to which Toppik is bad for your hair are a crazy visionary, but on the contrary … I can understand it since I too initially had the same impression . In fact, after the first applications in which I was amazed every time by the amazing results I got, even to me when I saw myself without microfibers it seemed to have visibly worsened .

However, I was regularly proven wrong by the comparison with photos I had taken before starting to use Toppik. Yet I too was convinced that I had gotten worse!

Most likely this is due to the fact that our brain very easily gets used to the new image given to us by the microfibres that really take you back decades in a few minutes and somehow interpret it as the normal situation. However, since a simple shampoo is enough to return to the “harsh reality” the impact is really strong and there is this feeling of worsening.

It is the androgenetic alopecia that advances

In my view, most of those who complain about this problem do not take into consideration the fact that microfibers do not have therapeutic properties but only aesthetic properties so, if specific treatments are not undertaken, androgenetic alopecia will continue to advance inexorably.
The worsening therefore does not expressly depend on Toppik but is due to the normal course of baldness .

Is Toppik bad for your hair? Yes or no?

If this were a real and frequent problem, I think there should be a lot of documented cases , but I’ve never been able to find one. Even experienced doctors in the trichological field such as Doctor Paolo Gigli who follows me or the transplant surgeon Doctor Rosati argue that the keratin microfibers do not worsen androgenetic baldness .
So when asked Toppik is it bad for your hair? we can answer with a decided NO.

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