Keratin microfibers

As you will have understood, I am a person who likes to talk about things he has experienced on his own skin and as regards microfibers I have certainly tried a lot.

I can say that, in my view, I have obtained the best results with products of famous brands and the greater expense is justified by the best naturalness, longer duration and significantly lower consumption compared to cheap products easily available on the net.

I’m certainly not saying that the cheapest products are absolutely unusable and that everyone causes irritation, etc…. for example, they did not create problems of intolerance for me and the result was fair.

However, if you try a top-of-the-range product, the difference is noticeable and on balance, given that you use much less of it, it is not that exaggeratedly expensive


For all those who, like me, found themselves having to use keratin microfibers to cover thinning hair, in addition to the initial application difficulties that may be encountered, the problem of costs was certainly one of the painful notes of this type of hair. remedies to camouflage baldness .

How do quality microfibers work?

The main feature praised by the most prestigious brands is undoubtedly the electrostatic action that allows the fibers to adhere to the hair shaft and not deposit on the scalp. This prerogative allows the keratin microfibers to be more resistant to the wind and not to come off at every touch with the hands .

Honestly I must say that both with Toppik and with Kmax I verified the presence of this feature.

But are there cheaper alternatives?

If you are a user of keratin microfibers , you will certainly have done some research to see if it was possible to save a little bit and you will have noticed that on the market it is not difficult to come across much cheaper products that we can basically divide into 2 categories:

Generally available in Chinese stores such as

On this, and other, online store it is possible to buy, at your own risk, hundreds of jars such as the one in the image. All of course at bargain prices :-). As you can see for yourself doing a very short research, we are talking about really derisory figures ranging in this specific case from 1 to 2 US dollars per jar of 25 grams depending on how many you buy.

These are generally neutral bottles that can also be customized for certain purchase quantities and, from what you can read, I deduce that you do not pay much attention to using famous brands, perhaps making minimal differences on the logos or in the packaging to avoid problems. legal (see next paragraph).

If you want, you can also run into real “family bags” that contain large quantities of product at even cheaper prices in the order of $ 35-40 per kilo which, to be clear, would be enough to fill 40 25-gram jars .

Available in markets such as Ebay

Here you can find the same products purchased directly from the Chinese stores mentioned in the previous point, with customized packaging with unknown brands but resold at a minimum price of 7-8 times higher .

It even happens to run into unscrupulous sellers and see packages that bear the Toppik brand but whose container is different  from those marketed by official distributors. It goes without saying that in this case the product is fake , i.e. 100% fake, and is sold at a price tens of times higher than the real value .

Below you can see an image that I took and translated from the website of the official distributor of Malaysia (which, given the geographical area, is probably most affected by the problems of Chinese forgery) and indicates some points to recognize the original bottle (click on the image to see it enlarged):

The problems of forgery are almost absent for Kmax probably because being an Italian product with a market not on a global level, the convenience of counterfeiting is lost compared to the Toppik brand which is certainly the market leader all over the world.

Is it worth it?

It is useless to deny that these types of keratin microfibers entice for the enormously lower cost and I myself have succumbed to temptation during the period in which I was using.

During my experience, which lasted about 2 years, I was able to test with satisfaction: Toppik , Kmax and Infultus . I also tried an inexpensive product of an unknown brand and a particularly inexpensive “toppik” which, in the light of what I learned after the purchase, was almost certainly fake.

What did I find in cheap keratin microfibers?

  • Poor electrostatic action : in fact the keratin powder was deposited more on the skin and forced to use a greater quantity of product.
  • Need to reapply them every day to obtain natural results (while with toppik, infultus fiber and kmax it could also be done 2 or 3 days)
  • Much coarser grain of keratin fibers , which in non-optimal conditions such as in the case of sweating causes the formation of lumps that rest on the scalp

My feelings were also confirmed by negative reviews on both national and foreign industry forums

Advantages of using famous brands:

  • produced by certified companies and therefore subject to compliance with strict regulations to which cosmetic manufacturers must comply
  • certain origin of the microfibers which in the case of kmax is even of Italian origin and dermatologically tested
  • safe dyes for human use
  • longer duration of application with consequent lower consumption of product
  • more natural and uniform result

Disadvantages of using cheap products:

  • produced by unknown companies and operating in countries not subject to precise regulations such as those we have in the USA or Europe
  • dubious origin of the fibers and dyes that can very often lead to sensitization and irritation of the scalp.
  • naturalness of the result only for a short time after application
  • need to apply daily

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