Sevich spray

Sevich spray falls into the category of cosmetics based on keratin microfibres  that allow you to hide in a few seconds the thinning of your hair due to baldness and more. Therefore it can be used by anyone, for any reason, who needs to thicken their thinned or thinned hair.

If you have had the opportunity to read this site, I myself have used this type of thinning cover for a long time and with satisfaction before solving my hair problems.

Among the various experiments I also tested Sevich and, despite being an economic product, the result was not much inferior to more expensive concealers.

Sevich sprays and keratin microfibers what are they and how do they work?

Like all products of this kind, these are  hair powders made up of keratin microfibres, the same substance our hair, hair and nails are made of.


Taking advantage of the natural electrostatic charge of keratin, Sevich fibers clings to existing hair even if thin and immediately gives a thicker appearance. This sort of “magnetism” means that this hair powder can resist wind and even light rains without problems. Obviously you will not be able to immerse your head in the sea or in the pool but, from experience, I can confirm that it resists well even to accidental splashes.

What attracted me to try it was the really well-stocked range of colors available as it still includes 10 shades of color:

  • Black
  • Auburn
  • dark brown
  • Medium brown
  • light brown
  • Blond
  • Medium blond
  • Light blonde
  • Grey
  • White

These dyes allow you to cover most of the hair colors that exist in nature and you will certainly find the one that’s right for you.

Sevich Fiber Hair: how to use it?

How to use this hair powder is really very simple. First it is important to wash and dry your hair well. Also you have to comb them and only then you can apply the microfibres. To do this, simply drop them on the hair by tapping the bottom of the jar from a distance of about 20 centimeters, taking care to cover the thinned areas well.

Once applied, you can remove any excesses and, if you wish, apply a very normal spray lacquer which, moreover, will increase Sevich ‘s hold .

With this product I would not go beyond 2 days in duration. Provided of course that you do not wash your hair because in this case you are going to remove the product.

The quality of Sevich Spray Fiber

The keratin microfibres Sevich Spray are made according to the highest quality standards, particularly with regard to sources of origin of keratin powder . The raw material is in fact totally natural and this guarantees a high degree of electrostatic charge which allows optimal adherence to the hair.

Even the dyes used for the various colors are of extreme herbal quality and do not contain synthetic dyes . This also protects against problems such as skin irritation and itchy scalp, which is very common with low-cost products. Obviously, previous allergies of the user must be evaluated.
Sevich microfibre keratin reviews: does it work?

If the state of your baldness or thinning is not yet serious and there is still hair, even thinned, Sevich microfibers can be for you.

The results are of good quality, the only note I can make concerns a shorter duration compared to more expensive brands. With Toppik or Infultus, for example, I even reached 4 days (obviously with daily touch-ups).

To make you understand the potential of keratin microfibers, in the figure below you can see 2 examples of really obtainable results.

Where can you buy Sevich Spray?

This product is not found in pharmacies and moreover for this type of purchase it is generally preferred not to flag it in the four winds. Fortunately, Sevich is available in the most important online stores at very attractive prices.

However, pay attention to the delivery times indicated, because they are reliable but sometimes a little long.


To conclude, I can tell you that I consider  Sevich keratin microfibers to be  a good quality product, albeit with some limitations compared to the more famous brands. From his it has a very advantageous quality / price ratio.

I hope this review  has been useful to you and if you have any questions, or have tried Sevich and want to say how you found yourself, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of the page 

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