Treatment of alopecia type III with FUE

In the present clinical case we will explain a case of hair transplantation for the treatment of type III alopecia with FUE. At the Hair Clinic we offer an individual and personalized treatment attending to the different cases of alopecia of each patient.

The patient had AGA Type III alopecia following the Hamilton-Norwood scale , which measures baldness in men. We work with the main objective of seeing what each patient wants and acting based on what they need.

FUE transplant for AGA Type III alopecia

This time we treated a 34-year-old male patient who came to our clinic with a type III Hamilton-Norwood AGA process.

He described a gradual loss of density since a few years ago, but in the course of the last year a significant recession in inflows began and a loss of density more evident in the upper zone and crown. At that time he was not doing any medical hair treatment.

Considering which were the best options for her case, we proposed a long session with the FUE technique with partial shaving , since it is not necessary to shave the entire head to carry it out.


The strategy that we proposed was to close the entrances and fill them with the maximum possible density, reinforce the first frontal line and fill as much as possible the density in the crown area.

2,046 follicular units were grafted, equivalent to 4,971 transplanted hairs.

We supplemented him with 3 months of oral vitamins and as long-term maintenance treatments, he was proposed to start treatment with Minoxidil 5% lotion and Finasteride 1 mg orally.

The treatment of alopecia type III with FUE together with the medical treatments gave us a better quality of the hair, with the consequent global improvement of its image.

The evolution of the hair transplant surgery was excellent and shows very aesthetic entrances and a greater density in the crown . The photographs present a highly satisfactory result for both the patient and the medical team.

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