What is the best age for a hair graft?

It is difficult to answer the question of what is the best age for a hair graft. Techniques have come a long way. This makes hair surgery possible at almost any age. The problem is not, however, the years that the patient has served. But the state in which your alopecia is.

There are young people with 20 years and advanced alopecia. And people of advanced age who keep most of their hair. Very powerful factors come into play in alopecia, beyond age. Mainly there are the genetic component and the action of hormones . The hair follicle is controlled by hormones. There is a specific enzyme, 5 alpha reductase, responsible for the transition from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, causing an acceleration of hair cycles. This leads to premature hair loss. The follicle gradually weakens until it atrophies completely. And the hair does not come out again.

Lifestyle is also another factor to take into account. Bad habits such as the consumption of certain substances or constant stress also affect the strength of the hair.

This explains why there are cases of alopecia at an early age.


At what age does hair fall out
There are several studies that have investigated the age at which men begin to lose hair. In one out of four it happens before the age of 30. The percentage rises to 40% at 35 years of age. It continues to rise to 50% at age 50. And finally, before the age of 60, seven out of ten men will be affected by alopecia.

In the case of women, the problem has been increasing in recent years, but there are not as accurate statistics as in the case of men. As a general rule, the menopause stage marks a before and after, precisely due to hormonal changes. It is estimated that four out of ten women in their 50s can be affected by some level of androgenetic alopecia.

In any case, they are just numbers. Statistics. The reality and the multifactorial origin can cause alopecia to appear at any time. And this can lead to young patients becoming interested in the possibility of a hair transplant, a highly effective technique. Because let’s remember that alopecia is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a psychological problem for some people (young or not) who do not like to see themselves without hair.

The best age for a hair graft
With the advancement of hair transplant techniques, we could say that there is no better age for a hair graft that is better than another. Actually, there are no limits. And, in fact, it can be done in young people . However, in practice, specialists usually recommend waiting for 30 years.

It is not, in itself, a question of age. The problem is that, usually, alopecia in young people is not stabilized. This means that hair will continue to fall out in the following years, due to the progression of hormonal changes. And undergoing a hair graft too far in advance, you may end up needing a new intervention in the future.


After age 30, alopecia is usually more stabilized, although not in all cases. Therefore, we could say that the best age for a hair graft is the one in which the patient has stabilized alopecia, good general health and good capillary density in the donor area. Whatever their age, even if the patient is young .

Youth treatments
In any case, as we have said, losing hair is not a dish of good taste for many people. And especially for young people. In these cases, if hair grafting is not indicated, they can put themselves in the hands of specialists, who will recommend treatments indicated for each case.

At Vila-Rovira Hair Clinic we work with the most effective treatments for hair loss, such as Finasteride and Minoxidil .

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