What is the solution to androgenetic alopecia type III-A?

People of different ages and different situations come to the Institut Vila-Rovira , but with a common goal: to combat hair loss in  order to feel comfortable and excited about their image again. Our team of professionals offers personalized attention to recommend the best solution to each patient, as is the case that we explain below.

Clinical case of a 30-year-old man with type III-A androgenetic alopecia

The patient described a progressive recession of entries and loss of density at the anterior level in the last 2 years until reaching the current pattern of type III-A androgenetic alopecia .

He has a very marked family history on the part of the paternal line (father with recesses and grandfather with severe alopecia).

For a few months he took Finasteride 1 mg, but is currently not undergoing any kind of medical treatment.

His expectation is to improve the frontal image because he does not feel comfortable.

We propose a maximum session with the strip technique . The objective is to close the entrance area with a rounded shape towards the area of ​​the temples and fill them, although above all the priority is to redesign the first central frontal line at the level of the sentinel hairs since its integrity has been lost and fill the central anterior zone

During the intervention, we  transplanted a total of 2,110 follicular units (550 of 1 single hair for the design of the entire first line and the rest of 2 and 3 hairs to achieve the maximum possible density), which is equivalent to about 4,500 transplanted hairs.

We recommend starting the application of Minoxidil 5% (between 10-12 sprays per day with a gentle massage) and also Finasteride 1 mg (1 per day) as maintenance medical treatments after transplantation.



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